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  • Coach
    Creative Mentor🌻
  • My Journey

    When I knew I wanted to become a filmmaker I bought a secondhand Canon 5D back in 2012. I started to film local bands, small companies, and weddings. During that time, I developed my camerawork, edit skills and presentation towards clients. Then, in 2013 I started as a self-directing cameraman at Redrum and in 2015 as a cinematographer at Lukkien. In 2017 I switched and became a director focusing on commercials, brand films, and social content. As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a film director.

    Of course, I’ve also faced a lot of challenges during the road, and I knew it would be a process of trial and error. It wasn’t always fun and games. I became mentally exhausted. It was time to change course and getting back on track with a revision of habits and goals. I noticed and felt that helping others finding their (creative) way was my drive from deep within. So, I started as a freelance director and creative mentor.

  • Creative Mentor

    After being in filmmaking for 10+ years and faced multiple creative, business and social challenges in the industry I knew it was time to help and guide other visual storytellers.
    As a creative mentor I’ll show you how to master your craft through three different aspects that involve filmmaking: theory, practical exercises and mindsettraining. This is what you don’t learn in film school. Skip the past years of trial and error and get things really moving. Create your own foundation 🌅

    I believe this program will save you a lot of time and energy during your journey as a filmmaker. It’s not only about working hard, but also working smart. Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing. I’ll guide you during this journey by teaching, giving directions and train your creative and personal mindset.

    I’ll be guiding you through several creative courses in a one-to-one custom made 6 month-program that aims on creativity, visual storytelling, representation, mindset, and self-discipline 🏋🏼‍♂️

  • 1:1
    One-on-One Coaching🙋🏼‍♂️
  • grow
    Grow Creativity🌞
  • Practical Information

    What’s in it for me? Invest in your professional development. I’ll guide you during your journey and take your filmmaking to the next level. If you attend the custom made 6-month program, we will start with a free consultation to specify your personal and creative needs and see if we’re a match🤝

    The one-to-one creative sessions will be done through video calls like Zoom or Facetime. Anywhere, anytime🧑🏼‍💻

    During the program you'll become more creative, smarter, and socially stronger as a filmmaker. Besides, you can get a cashback through different cultural or creativefunds supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science like Werktuig PPO. Well, that sounds interesting right?

    Let’s meet up and I’ll tell you everything! 📞

  • Are you ready? Lights, camera... action!🎬

  • Workshop

    + Full day course, practical group training
    + Teaching all content & advertisement film aspects
    + Workshop filmmaking for groups of max 10 pers.
    + Focus on creativity, storyboard and film production
    + Available for film agency's and production houses

    Available from €1499,- excl. VAT

  • Creative Mentor

    + Free consultation
    + Custom made 6-month program
    + Create your own commercial content
    + 1-on-1 creative sessions (60-90min)
    + One session every 4 weeks over 6 months
    + Theory, practical exercises and mindset training
    + Unlimited guidance and support via e-mail/app

    + 1/3 of your course will be compensated via PPO Fund
    + More info on https://werktuigppo.nl/

    Available for €1795,- excl. VAT
    (Partial payment available)

  • See what our members saying...🗯

  • Robin Kroesen (Orange Films)

    "Mega resultaat, uit prima investering. Sander heeft ons anders laten kijken naar film. In alle facetten van filmproductie zijn we een niveau hoger gegaan. Een absolute aanrader als je naar een high-end niveau wilt als persoon en organisatie."

  • Sjoerd Wesselink (Sony Event)

    "I invited Sander to speak at the an event I organised, I’m happy I did. If you can speak for nearly two hours and hold the attention of 60 peoples from the start, you’ve got some quality to share. I myself took away many things one just cannot pickup on the internet. His 10+ years of experience, vision and his clear way of teaching is what really sets him apart. Highly recommend!"

  • Aron Bagel (Cinematographer)

    "When I set out to pursue a career in commercial cinematography, I knew Sander was the man to help me get there. Having direct access to one of the Netherlands’ leading commercial directors, learning from his process and insights, and having him help me develop my own approach has proven invaluable. “

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    For inquiries about a free consultation, scheduling, fees or any questions, please feel free to reach out here.

    If you’re interested in 1-on-1 creative mentoring, you can give me a call and schedule your free consultation as well.

    📞 0651890612
    ✉️ info@sanderjanssenfilm.com

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